The Fresh Air Trickle Vent is an innovative product that brings fresh, outside air into the home, and allows the stale, polluted indoor air to escape…naturally.

Key features of the Fresh Air Trickle Vent:

  • Replenishes air quality by naturally replacing stagnant indoor air with fresh outdoor air.
  • Helps fight and prevent mold, condensation and indoor air pollution.
  • Effective all year round; all seasons, any weather, day and night.
  • Easy to use, adjustable air flow control.
  • Permanent polypropylene filter included!
  • Improves air circulation by natural air flow and cross-ventilation. No electricity required!
  • Keep the air circulating, even when you’re on vacation. No security risk!
  • An efficient, cost-effective solution. The Fresh Air Trickle Vent fits any home and budget.
  • If required, use in conjunction with an existing household exhaust fan for faster airflow.
  • Can be used in LEED new construction and retrofit projects

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How It Works

The Fresh Air Trickle Vent’s unique design allows fresh outdoor air to slowly and naturally enter the home while enabling the stale, polluted indoor air to escape.

Using a series of ‘diffusing’ holes, as air enters the vent, it is slowed down as it passes through these holes, through the permanent polypropylene filter and then is distributed evenly through the vent into the room. Through this diffusing process, the air enters the home slowly, without causing drafts or drastic changes in temperature. When airflow through the vent(s) are not required, simply turn the patented adjustable head to seal airtight.


Floor Plan

The Fresh Air Trickle Vent enables air circulation through the cross-ventilation or passive air process. As fresh air flows into the home, the amount of air within the space must stay constant, therefore the existing stale, polluted indoor air is expelled. For this process to work, at least 2 vents must be installed in the home or work area. As one draws in fresh air, the other will expel it. In areas with high moisture or that require additional circulation , the Fresh Air Trickle Vent can be used in conjunction with an existing exhaust fan to enable faster airflow.

Common areas to use the Fresh Air Trickle Vent include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Apartments
  • Bedrooms
  • Cottages
  • any room with exterior walls

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The air pollution in the average home far exceeds that of the outdoors. Studies show that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air!


"I installed it in an old musty damp hunting cabin to help improve the air quality...I am happy with the product." more